Study With Michael at the new york theatre academy

Michael Teaches small, private, and thourogh comprehensive Script Analysis and Character Development classes weekly. Classes are intended for professional actors and those at the advanced/ intermediate levels who have completed basic acting training elsewhere

The class is designed to teach actors a comprehensive method of character development. Focus will be placed on teaching actors how to be as authentic and genuine as possible in their work in the classroom, and how it will translate between performances in various mediums. Through this technique, the actor will learn to be free in class and performance so that they can discover new and exciting elements of their character. It teaches the actor to bring their imagination to life and to develop the character through their own personal experiences. The Actor has the responsibility to reveal the life of character. The description and dialogue are on the page, the Actor gives it sight, sound, feelings, thoughts, emotions, a voice and breath. The must protect the life that it gives to the character as well as be authentic and open for discovery.

The actors will concentrate on the development of the character’s life through every moment of their experience integral to the scene. Each piece studied throughout the course will begin with thorough script analysis, where we walk through the details given to them on the page and how these details can educate their character choices. After a thorough analysis, scenes will be workshopped and built upon the actors’ distinct choices. Scenes will be taken in and out of context to test the ability to adapt and emphasize the importance of having a complete understanding of their characters’ lives. The actor will understand the power of commitment to their choices, not only for their approach to each character, but to their careers as actors. Throughout the classes I will focus on listening, not only to their scene partner, but also to their inner dialogue and instincts. Awareness of their movement, concentration, willingness, and relaxation will be addressed continually.

Acceptance to the Acting Program is by audition only.

 Monday evenings: Character Development/ Script Analysis and Scene Study: 6:30 - 10:00 PM

Tuesday evening: On- Camera: 6:30 - 9:00 PM

Wednesday evenings: Character Development/ Script Analysis and Scene Study: 6:30 - 9:30 PM

Thursday evening: Character Development/ Scene Study and Script Analysis: 6:30 -9:30PM.

Thursday afternoon: On-Camera Audition/ Film & Television Scripts: 1:00 - 3:00PM


Classes are held at Shetler Studios at 244 W 54th St. 12th Floor

Class limit of 8-14 students per class.

Once per week $350.00/mo   |   Twice per week $600.00/mo  |  Three classes per week $750/mo  


Students will have performance opportunities in conjunction with their classwork. 


On Camera Audition Class

Many actors miss out on great roles because they struggle auditioning in front of the camera. This class will help you overcome those obstacles and give you the confidence to conquer your on-camera auditions.

In this class we will focus on becoming comfortable in front of the camera while auditioning with film and television scripts. We will work on cold readings, prepared auditions, and practice working with a reader in a simulated audition environment. Using your knowledge of character development, you will learn how to focus on your choices and let go of any tension to make the audition experience what it should be: fun. Each week you will receive video of your work in class to review.

All students receive a video and critique of their work after class.

 Contact Michael for more details. 

Michael has assisted his actors with personal introductions to many of the top Management Companies, Talent Agencies and Casting Directors in New York as well as Los Angeles.

Appointments can be made for private coaching, workshops, and monologue preparation.

For a full understanding of what a class entails, actors can audit a sample class. For information and reservations for a complimentary class please visit the News page and/or contact Michael here.

No refunds. One class credit per month for absences related to acting work.