Throughout his career, Michael has led many actors through the challenges they face in their work. Their successes speak for the care and attention that goes into their coaching. His approach to the craft is recognized by other industry professionals as well. Here's what a few of them have to say:

Coaching Actors

 Oliver Jackson-Cohen

Oliver Jackson-Cohen

"I can safely say that I have never met anyone quite like Michael Luggio. His approach to acting and teaching is incredibly invigorating . He breaks all the barriers down, so you are left with the simplest and most honest performance possible. His classes are built around making the safest environment for his actors, in order for them to discover, learn and rid themselves of fear. It becomes a platform where anything is possible. Michael has helped me more than anyone I have ever met. He continues to bring it back to the craft and makes you feel safe and confident as you make your way out into the industry. "Michael continues to guide me through the process on each project I'm on and reminds me of being in the moment".

— Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Actor - NBC's "Dracula", "Faster", "Going the Distance", "The Raven", "World Without End", "Mr. Selfridge", "Despite The Falling Snow", "The Great Fire", "The Secret River, and Emerald City". And the new Netflix Series " The Haunting".

 Giles Matthey

Giles Matthey

"I would like to personally thank Michael for his guidance and all of his patience and understanding of my process. It has been and is truly an exceptional experience, he has helped me find my way".

- Giles Matthey - "True Blood", "The Good Wife", "The Steve Jobs Movie", and "24: Live Another Day" 

 Hanna Ware

Hanna Ware

"Thank you Michael for your persistence of encouragement, guidance and teaching me to believe in myself as an actor with confidence. Michael is always there for me when I need him".

 -Hanna Ware- "Boss", "Shame", "Cop Out" "Old Boy" & "Betrayal", and "Assassin 21"

 Abigail Hawk in Blue Bloods

Abigail Hawk in Blue Bloods

"I came to Michael crippled by fear. Trapped within myself and unable to move forward, I was petrified of upsetting the precarious status quo of success I had stumbled into. Michael encouraged me to take that first critical step into the unknown, which freed me to tap into my potential. Michael makes you look at your work with fresh eyes – each encounter is new, each moment drips with possibility. You won't know what hit you, and your acting will never be the same. Because of Michael's inherent skill as a teacher, I now know that what I bring to the table is enough. I have found my confidence. I trust myself. And that, as an actor, is invaluable. Michael truly cares about the actor and their craft".

- Abigail Hawk- Blue Bloods


Since February, I have been training with Michael and the man is a legend. I mean it. He really is.  In the past 6 months, my eyes have never been this wide open. He has instilled in me the tools of creativity that I didn’t know were possible to have. He has taught me how to create the character by building the backstory; what moves the person. What makes him act the way he acts. What makes him feel the way he feels. Why does he do what he does? Why does he move the way he does? The creation of the character has zero limits because the actor is the only person in control of that. Yes, directors might gives us direction and changes and suggestions, but your creation of the character will always be one solid foundation. You take what is written, and you fill in the blanks. And you will never be wrong, because it is your character, and not anyone else’s. You embody the role. And I thank Michael for that.

-Ari Barkan

I can’t tell you how grateful I am for how much you’ve opened up my mind. All the reasons I started acting are entirely different than for the reasons I do it now You have single handedly changed my perspective on the world and helped me find something I am truly passionate about. 

Thanks to you,

-Brian Wolfe

I still can't thank you enough in terms of what you have taught me and will continue too. I would not be the actor I am nor the future actor I will become without your guidance. So I thank you and will continue to appreciate it in my career.

-Lance Daniels

Thankful to be in your class Michael and to find something so challenging and rewarding. It’s been awhile since I’ve found something this fulfilling in life. Thank you!

-Hannah Choi

Thanks Michael! I'm so thankful to have you as an acting teacher!! Thanks for your guidance and support!

-Michelle Lemon

The greatest teacher will send you back to yourself, Thanks for doing this for me

-Kelsea Edgerly


Casting Directors

"Michael is as inspiring as a teacher as he is as an actor. He demands of his acting students what he demands of himself: unflinching honesty, imagination and commitment in their work. His insights into each students needs as an actor as well as his ability to guide them towards overcoming blocks and developing creatively, make him a tough, compassionate and truly wonderful teacher. I wish there were more like him."

 — Alison McBryde, Casting Director "Ali", "Heat", "Armageddon", "The Insider", "Coyote Ugly", and "Pearl Harbor"


"It is always such a pleasure to see the wonderful work he is doing with his Actors. Michael understands what it takes to succeed in this business, not only does he train the Actors within their craft, he really cares for his students and teaches them about the professional aspects of working. His students truly have a step above the rest."

- Judy Henderson - Casting Director, "Homeland"


"I've sat in on a lot of different acting classes in my day and have witnessed teachers talk about pretending. Not for me! I was so pleased to sit in on Michael's coaching sessions and watch him guide his actors to a place of reality. It was fascinating to watch a veteran Coach, Teacher, and Director of acting bring his actors to a place where they can explore real human behavior. And to know Michael is putting actors out there, trained from a real place, excites me as a fellow Actor/ Director. It was a pleasure to see you doing your work, Michael. Thank you for letting me join in, I can't wait to see what's to come! I continuously call upon Michael for his guidance and inspiration while acting or directing".

— Brian Goodman - Director/Writer/Actor, "The Last Castle", "Blow", "Annapolis", "The Fast & The Furious: Tokyo Drift", "What doesn't Kill You", "Rizzoli & Isles" and "Black Butterfly".