Michael has tailored The Actor’s Methodology© is the technique for systems of methods, principles, for regulating a given discipline, as in the art of craft for the actor. I designed this purposely for today's actors. Many other institutions concentrate on one technique. Michael strives to teach actors how to be as authentic and real as possible in the classroom, as well as in performance on stage and screen by implementing various techniques catered to the individual, every actor has their own development of craft, thus some techniques do not necessarily work for all. Acting should not be complicated as that will simply confuse and restrict the actor. Through these techniques, the actor will learn to be free in class and performance so that they can discover new and exciting elements of their character. It not only offers the sensory and emotional tools necessary for acting, but it teaches the actor to bring their imagination to life and to develop the character through their own personal experiences.

The Actor’s Methodology© concentrates on the development of the characters life from their earliest memory, through every moment of their experience integral to the scene. It emphasizes that the actor accepts the responsibility of the characters life; the concept that one must choose to adapt to and create each character's individual needs and desires. The actor will understand the power of commitment to their choices, not only for their approach to each character, but to their career as actors.

A Message From Michael:

"You must always feed your craft with exploration, observation and listening. Being prepared is not only memorizing your lines, but unequivocally living the life of the character. It is not only the actor's job but their responsibility to give the character breath and allow their emotions and experiences evolve. You must speak their words and bring your life experiences with you to apply the 'as if'. Anything you do whether on the stage, television or screen, has relation to something that you have experienced in your own life. Always remember to be alive, and bring those experiences with you into your work and to your development of the character. Then, allow your imagination to take you further within the character to explore thoughts, behavior and circumstances. That is when the truth of your character's life is revealed. I do not teach you how to act, I teach you how to live on stage."

- Michael Luggio